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HPS.CESEE is an online platform created and run by historians of science in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Our aim is to facilitate the exchange of information between HPS and HSTM scholars in the region stretching from Prague to Perm and from Tallinn to Tirana. We will be keeping you updated about conferences, events, new publications, journals and positions in our field.

HPS.CESEE is a community project:  please send us your news in order to have them reach a larger audience! If you are interested joining out editorial team, please get in touch by email (hps.cesee(at)gmail.com)!

HPS.CESEE is international, but also regional: the majority of announcements will be posted in English, in order to reach a wide unternational audience, some of the announcements will be posted in their original language.

Announcements will be posted in the following categories:
  • Calls for Contributions - New announcements about calls for articles
  • Calls for Papers - New announcements about calls for papers
  • Conferences - History of Science conferences and panels about HPS CESEE at international congresses
  • Journals - New issues of HPS CESEE journals, thematic issues and special sections  
  • Positions - Scholarships, stipends, grants, academic positions in and for HPS CESEE
  • Publications - New books and articles 
  • Ressources - Information about digital and analogue archives, e-libraries etc. 
  • News - Whatever we find interesting, but does not fall into any of the other categories

Our team:

Friedrich Cain (Erfurt):  Junior Fellow at the Max Weber Kolleg for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies in Erfurt. He works on the history of science studies in Central and Eastern Europe and in the two German states after 1945. He has completed a doctoral thesis on clandestine research of Polish scientists under occupation during WWII. Contact: friedrich.cain(at)uni-erfurt.de

Lucie Čermáková (Prague): Postdoc at the Department of Philosophy and History of Science, Charles University, Prague. Interested especially in the history of botany. Works on a project about the history of the botanical institute and botanical garden of the German university in Prague in the interwar period and on the history of plant studies in the early modern era. Contact: lucie.cermakova(at)natur.cuni.cz

Vedran Duančić (Zagreb): Postdoc at the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Working on modern intellectual history and the history of science in socialist Yugoslavia, including the reception of Lysenkoism and political aspects of establishing "big science." Contact: vduancic(at)hazu.hr

Adela Hincu (Tbilisi): Visiting Professor, Ilia State University. PhD in Comparative History from Central European University, Budapest, with a dissertation on sociology and intellectual genealogies of "the social" in socialist Romania. Interested in the comparative history of postwar social sciences on the semi-peripheries. Contact: adela.hincu(at)gmail.com

Daša Ličen (Ljubljana): Doctoral student at the University of Ljubljana, researcher at the Institute of Ethnology (ZRC SAZU). Currently writing up her PhD on learned and cultural associations in late Habsburg Trieste. Contact: dasa.licen(at)zrc-sazu.si

Martin Rohde (Innsbruck): Research assistant at the Institute of History and European Ethnology, University of Innsbruck. Works on Ukrainian history of science in the Habsburg Empire.  Contact: martin.rohde(at)uibk.ac.at

Timofey Rakov (Tyumen): Senior Lecturer at the Department of Russian History and Junior Fellow at the research center "Human, Nature, Technology" at the  University of Tyumen.  Currently works on a project about history of creation of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, scientific center in Siberia, established in early 1960's and still the basis of the Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences. Contact: Contact: timofey.rakov(at)gmail.com

Tijana Rupčić (Kikinda/Budpest/Vienna): Archivist in Historical Archive of Kikinda, Republic of Serbia. Also, she works as a representative of archives in cases of restitution of assets seized after the Second World War. Currently in-rolled as the student at Central European University working on modern intellectual history and history of science in former Yugoslavia. Contact: fereja.tina(at)gmail.com

Katalin Stráner (Southampton): Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Modern European History at the University of Southampton. Fields of research include the history of scientific knowledge in modern Hungary and Central Europe; the translation and reception of Darwinism; urban histories of science; the effect of exile and expatriation on knowledge production and transfer. Contact: k.straner(at)soton.ac.uk

Jan Surman (Moscow): Researcher at Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities at the National Research University Higher School of Economics. Currently works on the history of universities in the Habsburg Empire, history of scientific language and translation. Contact: jsurman(at)hse.ru


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